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Residential And Commercial Roof Installation In Nanaimo And Vancouver Island

At Milne Roofing Ltd., we offer residential and commercial roof installation services in Nanaimo and Vancouver Island. You can also rely on us for comprehensive roofing repair solutions. Whether you are interested in re-roofing an existing building or installation on new construction, we offer services to meet the needs of your building.

We seek to offer a wide range of modern roofing materials to complete the overall look of your home or commercial building. From fibreglass and laminate to concrete, metal, and torch-on membrane, there is a roofing material to match every building, every purpose and every budget. Laminate shingles come in a wide range of colours, allowing you to perfectly match your home’s colour scheme.

Our Services

The team at Milne Roofing Ltd. offers a variety of comprehensive roofing services to meet your needs. These include:

Commercial and residential roofing
New and re-roofing
Roof inspections
Leak repairs
Shingle roofing
Slate/tile roofing
Cedar shake roofing
Torch-on/flat roofing
Sheet metal/steel roofing

Our free inspection and estimate service is tailored to find out what your roofing requirements are – and how we can help. For advice on selecting your roofing material, please feel free to contact us.

Service Quote

We offer free roofing inspections and quotes.

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